Erste Eindrücke aus Bogotá 7


Hat mal wieder lange gedauert, aber endlich ist ein neues Topic online!

Bogota – Capital de Colombia


dazu gehoert auch ein Video was ca. 20 Min lang ein paar Eindruecke vom Sueden und Norden Bogotas zeigen soll.
Man muss natuerlich dazu sagen, das es natuerlich nicht moeglich ist, alles von Bogota zu zeigen da diese Metropole einfach zu riesig ist. Es werden also noch mehrere „Bogota“ – Topics folgen.

Daniel hat einen Artikel ueber Kolumbien/Bogota geschrieben welchen er an eine deutsche Zeitung geschickt hat:

Daniels Artikel über Bogotá

Bis dann

7 Kommentare zu “Erste Eindrücke aus Bogotá

  1. Dominic Okt 26, 2005 12:24

    Hola, @Ralf: Sure Katja has the experience and I also think she is true ;) Thanks for reading my articles. Also reading your webpage. Que estes bien

  2. Ralf Okt 25, 2005 21:23

    Que honda Dominic?! ok no problem at all! Yeah that are really important informations from central america. ;) But I think Katja has her experience with this word, without reason she wouldn’t write anything like this. Anyway I am looking forward to read something about your life in Colombia! Adios! Que te vaya bien!

  3. Dominic Okt 22, 2005 14:21

    Hola Ralf, Thank you for your comment. i think it is good that here are also informations about other south/-middle america-countries ;) Any way.. why in english.. because meanwhile this page is visited by the complete world (europe, australia, USA and Latinamerica.. ). Is good when they can read the articules in english. Thanks Dominic

  4. Ralf Okt 15, 2005 11:13

    Why in English? Wir können doch alle Deutsch? Y tambien Español! Whatever here in Nicaragua la residencia is a place for stundents too! I know a lot people who live there! (not only for hours!)

  5. Dominic Okt 11, 2005 19:26

    Hola, @Robert: Thank you for reading my articles. Good to know that people are interested in this kind of topic! @Katja: Yes you are right but anyway thats the NAME of „la residencia“ But ok good you told me.. now again for everybody: la residencia is a place where poor students of the university nacional live very cheap. Muchas Gracias Katja y que estes bien ;) Dominic

  6. Katja Okt 11, 2005 18:34

    Be careful about that „residencia“ word, it also means Motel, zu deutsch Stundenhotel…

  7. Robert Okt 11, 2005 15:10

    I can only say : WOW….Bogota is such a big city…i didn‘ suppose so….i think you have real big fun, which mabye makes you coming back later to Colombia… by the way, nice photos….i enjoy reading your articles….so plz write soon again :) I’m very interested in that… Bye Robert