Bogotá – Kolumbien – Erster Bericht

Die Hauptstadt Kolumbiens – Bogotá – Mein erster Bericht:

Here my FIRST article about Bogotá, the capitol of Colombia. For sure i cannot show everything until now because this city is too big that i can show every corner. Just an impression about Bogotá:

Here you can see some skyline pictures of the city:

Ok well.. what should I say. I have never smoked with my shisha in a wirlpool, so I had to do that, in any case. A dream came true :) Anyway, here in colombia the people don`t call it „shisha“, they say „Narguile“ or „pipa de agua“.

Guards are very important in Colombia/Bogota. You find them everywhere!
The mountains are good for the orientation.. and looks very nice ;)
Bogota has also very nice places with an very developed architecture.

In the south of Bogota you often find buildungs like the residencias. The residencias is a place where very poor students live, cause they cannot afford an owen flat, so they live there. The residencias is devided in two parts:
In one part where the students live..The other part is completely damaged.

In the North of Bogota you find this nice place called „Usaquen“. The South of Bogota is more or less where the poor people live… The North is more rich und looks very different to the south and you find european conditions.

Monserate is a church in the mountains of Bogota. From there you can see the complete city with a very nice skyline like the pictures above (in the beginning), but it is really cold on the top, especially in the night ;)

Coffee in Colombia is very good. Not always.. sometimes it tastes like water but then it is not real coffee.
There are places in Bogota where you can find VERY good coffee and many variations!

Bogota is a very big topic, so there will be much more pictures of many places.. this is the FIRST Bogota-Topic ;) So you can look forward see more of that big city.