ICYE Camp in Giradot 7

Unser 1. Introcamp von ICYE

Lange hats gedauert aber endlich hab ich es geschafft die Bilder von Girardot online zu stellen.
ICYE hat alle Exchangees auf ein Camp eingeladen, welches ca. 4 Stunden von Bogota entfernt ist.

Somewhere in Colombia…

After I have spend now 2 weeks in Colombia/Bogotá, a great time came: The ICYE camp, 4 hours from Bogota, a paradise waited for us with open doors and about 40 degrees.
It`s been so hot, that nobody could stop us jumping into the pool, when we arrived

The area was absolutely great. In the evening the pool and the outside-area was lighted completely and the water was perfect! After we arrived, it didn`t take a long time, and everybody was chillin` at the water.

Ok well.. what should I say. I have never smoked with my shisha in a wirlpool, so I had to do that, in any case. A dream came true :) Anyway, here in colombia the people don`t call it „shisha“, they say „Narguile“ or „pipa de agua“.

The first evening was perfect. We all never expected that it will be so cool as we have seen it on the first day! In our group there were people from Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Slowakia, Spain, Kenya, Italy, Austria and Germany for sure….and of course our Latin-Group

For my personal opinion I like the colombian food (until now) :). Others think different, but in my case I like the meat.. ;)
But anyway.. the food here in the camp is better than the food on the camps in germany, because of MEEEAATT!

The next day first began totally relaaaaxxed at/in the pool.. where else.. at this hard shining sun ;)
(yes.. no stupid ‚ENERGIZER‘ like other camps)

For sure i don`t want that it seems like we absolutely did nothing. We regularly made activities like introducing the own country, Talkin-circles what we expect from the year according to the families and else…

After these activities we made always some breaks and most of us… USED IT like me and Marko ;)

Latinamerika without salsa.. not possible ;). In the fourth night there was our Latino-Night. We were tried learning the basic-salsa steps ;)
Left: Gustavo and Catalina showing how it works correctly ;) (see video `viva tranquila`)

We all never wanted to go.. we all wanted to stay. But the time came.. and these few days also had their end. But our room (Marko, Daniel and me) looked as the same as in the beginning ;)
When the bus arrived in front of the house, we put all our bags in it, and drove back to Bogotà.

In the End

A really great start in colombia. Maybe too good, because all the people didn`t want to go back to Bogotà.
My spanish is still absolutely bad and also it didn`t developed in the last days because the most of the time it was spoken in english or german.
Now all are in Bogotà again… and a 5-weeks long spanish course is waiting now for us.. and for me it is really necessary!

PS: My shisha survived these days !!!

Adios Amigos y Amigas :)

7 Kommentare zu “ICYE Camp in Giradot

  1. Soledad Mai 20, 2010 12:18

    Hola Jazmina, espero que tengas un buen dia y muchas gracias por tus datos y comentarios, los cuales los tendre en muchisima consideracion

  2. Catalina Nov 25, 2007 14:20

    Jazmina.. muchas gracias por tu invitacion! que bonito lo que haces tambien alla con tus ratos libres vendiendo cafe! gracias tambien por tu comentario!hace cuanto vives alla? como te va con el idioma?

  3. Jazmina Sep 29, 2007 08:20

    Hola Cata y Dominic: Muy hermosa su pagina, todo lo que presentan acerca de colombia esta muy bonito y positivo para los extranjeros de aqui de Europa. Yo soy abogada colombiana, vivo en Dinamarca, tambien me case con un danes. Importo café de colombia y me invitan a hablar de colombia en conferencias. profesionalmente hace un mes pude entrar como abogada en en departamento de inmigración, y estoy trabajando en asilos. No es facil y mucho menos aqui el convivir con daneses. Pero me pongo mi traje de campesina colombiana y vendo mi cafe en mis ratos libres. Por aqui a la orden si quieren venir, solo diganme. Mi telefono es 29474649 y direccion Søhøj 11 2690 karlslunde Denmark. A lo colombiano, bien recibidos aqui cuando quieran! Un saludo Jazmina Pulido http://www.dancolkaffe.com

  4. Marijana Sep 23, 2005 15:21

    Wooow, voll schön. Freut mich ends dass es dir so gut gefallen hat und dass ois klar ist. Machs gut, Bambi

  5. Dominic Sep 3, 2005 21:22

    Hat ja ne Weile gedauert.. Aber sieht chillig aus.. Hier in Taiwan ist auch klasse.. Sieh mal auf taiwan.joto.de vorbei… Gruss, Jonathan

  6. Jonathan Sep 3, 2005 15:16

    Hat ja ne Weile gedauert.. Aber sieht chillig aus.. Hier in Taiwan ist auch klasse.. Sieh mal auf taiwan.joto.de vorbei… Gruss, Jonathan

  7. djooriez Aug 31, 2005 08:24

    muy bien claro y listo